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Establishing an Award

Awards are made to Baylor University. The original notice of grant award or award letter for all grants should be provided to the OSP immediately after it is received. Also, please provide the office with a copy of any sponsor's policies or financial guidelines, as this will assist the OSP management of the award.

Contractual Requirements for Sponsored Research

All applications, proposals, and contracts for research funding, training, and other research-related activities, are made in the name of Baylor University. The Board of Regents has empowered a select number of officials to request and accept grants, contracts, and other related agreements on behalf of the University. Thus, only those officials designated by the Board of Regents of Baylor University may bind the University.

If an application, proposal, or contract is not processed through the proper channels of Baylor University, and is subsequently funded, there is the risk of the award not being accepted, or a delay in accessing funds. Additionally, if a project is solicited by a third-party, and work is performed on this project in absence of a recognized and fully executed sponsored program (grant or contract), the principal investigator alone maintains ultimate liability for any and all requirements of the research program. Further, the principal investigator must reimburse the University for any and all costs associated with the use of University resources commonly associated with the pursuit of this research.

Account Setup

Once the original notice of grant award, award letter or fully executed contract has been received, an account may be established by the OSP. Without a tangible notice of award, an account cannot be established.

If a payment is received on a study for which no records exist, then that payment cannot be receipted, nor an account established, until the proposal is correctly processed for academic and administrative review. Therefore, it is to the principal investigator's advantage to always immediately involve the OSP in any potential proposal that may take place with a potential sponsor.

If an award is made for a different amount than the proposed budget, a revised budget for the new amount is required and should be forwarded to the OSP as soon as possible to avoid a delay in setting up an account.