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Proposal Preparation


The OSP is committed to providing the very best service possible to grow the research enterprise at Baylor University. The following steps should be taken by the principal investigator to facilitate proper processing of all proposals:

  1. Contact the OSP early in the proposal preparation process to register the proposal and receive a link to the OSP Box site for review of proposal materials.
  2. Provide budgetary information so that a comprehensive budget may be prepared for inclusion with completed proposal.
  3. Complete the proposal routing form and include relevant budget information provided in the comprehensive budget.
  4. Certify and route proposal materials, including the completed proposal, proposal routing form and comprehensive budget, for approval from the unit chair and dean.
  5. Once approvals from the unit chair and dean have been obtained, the OSP will forward the proposal package to other administrative offices for institutional review. The OSP must receive the completed proposal materials, including a proposal routing form signed by the unit chair and dean, at least 5 business days in advance of the submission deadline.