OSP Box Site
The OSP has created a site on Baylor's Box site to facilitate review and approval of proposals and other sponsored programs material. The OSP Box site will allow for both academic and administrative reviews in a systematic manner.

Accessing the OSP Box site

Once proposal information has been logged with the OSP, the principal investigator will receive a unique link to a directory within the Baylor OSP site. This directory will remain active for 5 days beyond the proposal submission deadline. The link to the directory may be shared with co-principal investigators and colleagues to facilitate the proposal process and allow others read/write privileges to proposal materials.

Academic Reviews and Approvals Using the OSP Box site

The principal investigator is required to obtain dean and unit head (academic) approvals prior to submission to the OSP for administrative review. Once the proposal is ready for academic review, the principal investigator need only forward the proper directory link to the dean and unit chair for review and approval. Deans and unit chair approvals are demonstrated by the appearance of electronic signatures on the Proposal Routing Form.

Administrative Reviews and Approvals Using the OSP Box site

Once the dean and chair have signed the Proposal Routing Form, the principal investigator should notify the OSP at least five days in advance of the submission deadline that the proposal is ready for administrative review. The OSP coordinator will then be responsible for obtaining administrative reviews and approvals before submission of the proposal materials to the sponsor.

Managing Documents in Box

For questions about these processes, or for assistance with the OSP Box site, please contact Pam Tull or call 254-710-3817.