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Proposal Routing Form

The OSP's proposal routing form must be completed, and institutional approvals obtained, for all proposals and other activities involving sponsored activity.

Routing an electronically-prepared proposal for Institutional approvals does not need to be delayed until the principal investigator has edited the proposal for typographical or grammatical errors. However, it is expected that the proposal will have approvals from the dean and unit chair (department chair or institute/center director) before submission to the OSP, and that there will be no substantive changes to the statement of work or the project's budget once it is received by the OSP.

The principal investigator and co-principal investigator(s) should electronically sign the proposal routing form before submission to the unit chair and dean.

Advanced Notices and Lead Times for Review

All proposals received by the OSP should be accompanied by a Proposal Routing Form with a lead-time of no less than five (5) business days prior to the proposal submission deadline so that each proposal receives adequate time:

  • for complete budget, administrative, and compliance reviews;
  • for correction of errors or omissions in the proposal;
  • to counteract unanticipated submission slowdowns or Internet downtime;
  • for thorough review of all proposals when there are multiple submissions to the same program, or multiple programs within the same submission window; and
  • institutional review and approvals by appropriate University official(s).