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Time and Effort Instructions
Baylor's Time and Effort Certification System is an online module that allows employees to view budgeted effort proposed through sponsored projects, and to report and certify actual effort spent on these projects.

Before beginning the effort certification process, review the Information on Time and Effort Reports. This information is crucial to accurately entering and certifying effort within different categories.

Time and Effort Certification Instructions:

  1. Log into the Time and Effort Certification System.
  2. Click "View and Submit Current Time and Effort Report"
  3. Review the individual activities listed under the "Organized Research & Other Sponsored Activities" category, as well as the percentage of previously budgeted direct charged effort and cost shared effort for these projects.
  4. If there is a sponsored project that is missing from the list, please enter the name of the project in the "Add New Entry" text box and click the "Insert" button.
  5. Enter the actual percentage of direct charged effort and cost shared effort for each of the projects listed, making adjustments to both effort categories (Direct Charged and Cost Shared) as necessary.
  6. Enter the percentage of remaining effort under "Institutional Activity." This value should bring the total effort for the given semester to 100%.
  7. Provide any comments regarding these values in the comments box.
  8. Click "Save" to certify to the actual effort for the period stated.
As stated in OMB A-21, 100% effort is an employee's total effort actually spent on work within the scope of his or her employment, regardless of the percent FTE listed on the appointment. Effort certification must reflect actual work performed and cannot be budget driven.