Role and Membership
The role of the committee, broadly defined, is to ensure the safety of humans involved in research or laboratory activities conducted by Baylor University, its employees, or agents. Whereas the IRB believes it is charged with facilitating and enabling responsible use of humans in pursuit of our academic goals, it also feels that the central role of the IRB is to ensure the ethical and safe use of human subjects who are fully informed as to their role, the risks attendant to their participation, and their rights as participants.

The IRB is composed of people with professional expertise in various areas of science, social science, ethics, law, medicine, statistics and research methodology. In addition, the committee always has at least one member chosen from the Waco community who has no formal ties with Baylor University. A list of current IRB members can be obtained from:

Deborah Holland
Assistant Vice Provost for Research, Director of Compliance
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97310
Waco, TX 76798-7310

As a deliberative body, the IRB approves, approves with required modifications, or disapproves research protocols received from investigators. After receiving a complaint or other information regarding any ongoing project, the IRB may choose to reexamine the activity and, if necessary, recommend changes in the protocol or suspension of the project.