Lectures Sponsored by the Department


The Religion Department frequently brings in well-known scholars in the field of religious studies to address our students and faculty. 


Please view the lectures presented by some of our recent speakers below.


March 2017:

Bill Leonard's address entitled "Redeemer Nation or Lost Cause Religion: Making America Great Again (For the First Time)"


Jane Wilson speaking on "Faith That Sticks" at the Ministry Guidance Workshop


February 2017:

Deidre Fulton's Religion Department Annual Lecture, "No Bones About It: The Philistines of Ashkelon in the Bible and Archeology"


January 2017:

Kelley Coblentz Bautch speaking on "Rogue Angels and the Origin of Evil: Contemporary Perspectives on Ancient Theology"


October 2016:

Amina Wadud speaking on "Combining Spirit, Intellect, and Social Justice for Islamic Reform and a Better World"


Marvin McMickle speaking on "Religious Liberty and Racial Injustice"


September 2016:

Grant Wacker speaking on "Billy Graham and American Political Culture"