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The Program in Religion at Baylor

Active scholars in New Testament and Old Testament provide significant research and mentoring in those areas. The emphasis on American religious history and experience fits well the Baylor context and has contributed important studies to the discipline. The theological interpretation of the Christian tradition is also significant in the doctoral program, with emphases in Patristics, contemporary theology, and ethical issues. In addition, the Department offers a colloquy in which doctoral students garner experience in teaching and instruction in the pedagogical task.


Most graduates of the Baylor Ph. D. program in Religion take their first jobs in liberal arts departments. Thus Baylor´┐Żs curriculum requires work in a variety of areas within the discipline of Religion. Students may also take advantage of the university context by working in an area outside the department. At the same time, students enjoy significant research and teaching in an area of emphasis (Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, or Theology) within the department. For information on specific courses in the Religion department, please use the following links.

Courses offered for Fall, 2014

Complete listing of graduate courses offered by the Religion Department


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