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Early Registration Priority Group Order

The primary purpose of registration at Baylor University is to ensure that all students have an opportunity to make adequate progress toward graduation. In order to match institutional resources with students’ academic needs, priority is limited to students who have a significant commitment to representing Baylor, an appropriately documented disability, or scheduling constraints due to the academic program they are completing. Regardless of the purpose of granting priority, it should typically only occur within a student’s classification.

Students within each grouping listed below will be assigned a time to register based on the total of their earned and in-progress credit hours.

  1. Eligible Students with Disabilities
    Student-Athletes (registered by Student-Athlete Services)
    Faculty and Staff Eligible for Tuition Remission
  2. Graduate Students
    Seminary Third Year
    Seminary Dual and Joint Degree
  3. Seminary Second Year
  4. Seminary First Year
  5. Seniors and Post-Baccalureate with Priority*
  6. Seniors and Post-Baccalureate
  7. Juniors with Priority*
  8. Juniors
    New Seminary
  9. Sophomores with Priority*
  10. Sophomores
  11. Freshmen with Priority*
  12. Freshmen
  13. Visiting Students

Priority Populations

Baylor Business Fellows
Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Students
Clinical Lab Science Majors
Computer Science Fellows
Debate Team Members
Dependents/Spouses of Faculty/Staff Eligible for Tuition Remission
Honors Program Students
Pre-Nursing Students in their last semester in Waco
Song Leaders, Mascots, and Yell Leaders
Athletic Managers, Trainers, Videographers, and Graduate Assistants
Supplemental Instruction Leaders
University Scholars