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Neuroscience Degree requirements

Requirements for a Major in Neuroscience

Thirty-three semester hours including the following:

A. NSC 1306-1106, 3311-3111, 3319-3119, 3320-3120, 3323-3123, 3355, and 4330-4130.

B. Two courses from NSC 4312, (4317 or 4371), 4324, 4V96.

C. A grade of “C” or better is required in all psychology and/or neuroscience courses used for the major.

Required courses in other fields:

A. BIO 1305-1105, 1306-1106, and 2306.

B. CHE 1301-1101, 1302-1102.

C. MTH 1321 and STA 2381.

D. PHY 1408 and 1409; or 1420 and 1430.

E. PSY 4300.

Students intending to do graduate work are encouraged to take more than the minimum number of required hours but no more than forty-five hours in psychology or neuroscience.

Any course in the major may be taken as soon as the prerequisites have been completed. Courses beyond the required minimum outlined above may be taken from Neuroscience or from other departmental offerings in Biology and Chemistry.