Baylor University
Psychology and Neuroscience
College of Arts and Sciences

Course Descriptions

5128 Group Dynamics Laboratory
Prerequisite: Psy.D. students only

5302 Measurement in Psychology
Principles and methodology underlying scaling techniques, rating devices, psychological tests, and other forms of measurements used in psychology. Includes an introduction to psychometrics and applications to objective personality assessment.

5305 Advanced Experimental Design
Some of the more complex experimental designs currently available to the research psychologist.

5307 Advanced Statistics II
Prerequisite: Psy.D. students only
Selected topics from correlation, regression, non-parametric methods, survey sampling, and Bayesian statistics.

5311 Seminar in Memory and Cognition
An advanced treatment of the study of human cognition. Topics to include memory, language, problem solving, intelligence, and thinking.

5313 Advanced Measurement in Psychology
An introduction in item response theory and computerized adaptive testing. Emphasis on the three parramter logistic model. Topics include parameter and ability estimation, item bias, detection of multidimensionality, appropriateness measurement, and Owens-Bayes algorithm.

5315 Quantitative Psychology
Mathematical foundations of contemporary psychology.

5316 Clinical Psychopathology
Clinical case formulation, including the assessment and diagnosis of problems, case conceptualization, and treatment planning, based on current theory and research.

5317 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Major approaches to psychotherapy, with emphasis on principles and techniques of application.

5318 Perception
Research and theory on sensory and perceptual processes.

5319 Clinical Neuroscience- Advanced
Neuroanatomy, brain structure-function relationships, experimental neuropsychology, and biological theories of abnormal behavior.

5320 Learning and Behavior Theory
Methods and theories of learning and Behavioral Analysis.

5321 Developmental Psychology
Current research and theory on development of human behavior from conception through senescence with emphasis on childhood and psychopathology of childhood.

5322 Human Engineering
Application of the methods and techniques of psychology to the problems of designing equipment for efficient human use and the design of man-machine systems.

5325 Ethics and Research in Clinical Psychology
The application of current ethical and professional standards to professional practice. The evaluation of applied research for use in treatment planning and program development.

5327 Family and Marital Psychotherapy
Practice, theory, and research of psychological consultation with couples and families. Emphasis upon systems and interpersonal orientations.

5329 Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Current research and theory on cognitive behavioral approaches to clinical problems.

5330 Neuropharmacology
Introduction to pharmacology with emphasis on drugs that act on the nervous system. Absorption, distribution, and biotransformation of drugs. Drug receptors, site and mechanism of action.

5333 Advanced Psychological Assessment
Advanced training in the clinical skills of psychodiagnostics, consultation, and report writing.

5334 Health Psychology
Psychosocial treatment and prevention of illness and chemical dependency and the promotion and maintenance of health.

5335 Multicultural Issues
An exploration of multicultural issues in teh delivery of psychological services.

5339 Social-Organizational Psychology
The application of social psychology to professional practice and organizational consultation and development.

5340 Doctoral Project in Professional Psychology I
Arrangements are made for Psy.D. candidates to undertake individual scholarly projects under the direction of a clincial psychology professor. Work includes individual study and preparation of a detailed proposal for a project in clinical psychology.

5341 Doctoral Project in Professional Psychology II
A continuation of PSY 5340, including the execution and completion of the doctoral project.

5344 History and Systems
History and systems in psychology with a special emphasis on philosophy of science and personality theory.

5360 Neurophysiology
Electrical and chemical behavior of neurons- excitable membranes, cell physiology of nerve cells, neural conduction, transmission, reception and integration.

5370 Administration and Supervision
Training in health care administration, supervision, consultation, program development, and evaluation.

5371 Practicum and Professional Development I
Supervision, development, and evaluation of Psy.D. students in all aspects of their work.

5372 Practicum and Professional Development II
Intermediate level practicum experience of supervision, development, and evaluation of Psy.D. students in all apsects of their work.

5373 Practicum and Professional Development III
Advanced practicum experience. Supervision, development, and evaluation of Psy.D. students in all aspects of their work.

Practicum and Professional Development IV
Pre-internship practicum focusing on final practicum preparations for internship. Supervision, developmental, and evaluation of Psy.D. students in all apsects of their work.

5380 Multidimensional Scaling
Basic scaling theory with emphasis on metric, non-metric, and indivual-differences multidimensional scaling models and methodology. Applications of scaling methods to measurement problems in the behavioral and health sciences, education, and business.

5384 Multivariate Statistical Methods
Discriminant analysis, canonical correlation analysis, and multivariate analysis of variance.

5386 Exploratory Factor Analysis
Exploratory factor analysis with emphasis on applications in the behavioral and health sciences, education, business, including the description and use of available software.

5388 Seminar in Applied Statistics
Selected issues in applied statistics.

5389 Mathematical Models in Psychology
Introduction to mathematical formulations in a wide range of psychological research including learning theory, decision and choice, reaction time, theory of signal detection, and other selected topics.

5390 Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equations Models
Confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis and structural equations models, analysis of covariance structures, least squares and maximum likelihood estimation, and application to psychological processes.

5401 Introduction to Experimental Design
Simple and complex analysis of variance and analysis of covariance designs. The general linear model approach, including full-rank and less than full-rank models, will be emphasized.

5423 Interpersonal Approaches to Psychotherapy
Practice, theory, and research of individual psychotherapy from interpersonal, humanistic, and existential orientations with laboratory experiences in interviewing.

5426 Assessment and Intervention with Children
Theory and research of developmental psychopathology with emphasis on clinical assessment and treatment procedures used with childhood disorders.

5428 Group Dynamics and Psychotherapy
Didactic treatment of teh tehory, research, and practice of work groups and group psychotherapy together with laboratory experiences in groups.

5430 Neuroanatomy
Selected topics in physiological psychology, including laboratory.

5431 Psychological Assessment, Intellectual
Some of the major objective tests, including intelligence tests. Emphasis is methodological, focusing on some significant measurement problems encountered in this area of psycholgical assessment, including laboratory.

5432 Psycholgical Assessment, Personality
Psychological assessment using "objective" and "projective" methods.

5437 Social Psychology and Group Dynamics
Interrelationships of the functioning of social systems and the behavior and attitudes of individuals. Emphasis is given to the origins of various group properties and the effects of these properties upon relations among members and behavior within group experiences.

5V04 Graduate Research
For research credit prior to admission to candidacy for an advanced degree. May be repeated for credit.

5V06 Individual Studies in Psychology

5V24 Individualized Professional Development
Opportunity for clincial doctoral students to develop further their clinical skills via career and growth assessment, personal growth experiences, cotherapy, and consultation. Course may be repeated.

5V51 Supervised Teaching

5V71 Selected Topics in Psychology

5V85 Consulting, Research, and Teaching in Statistics
Supervised experience in statistical research, consulting, and teaching.

5V96 Research Methods in Experimental Psychology

5V99 Thesis

Clinical Internship
Course open only to fourth-year clinical psychology doctoral students who are off campus on internship. Must be taken for three semesters.

6V99 Dissertation