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Dr. J. L. Diaz-Granados

Faculty - Jaime Diaz-Granados, Ph.D.

Professor - Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

BSB B.309 (254) 757-2961

Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Biomedical Studies

Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin 1994
B.A. The University of Texas at Austin 1986


Dr. Diaz-Granados joined the Baylor faculty in 1996. Prior to coming to Baylor, he was a post-doctoral fellow in the Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. Dr. Diaz-Granados enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons, running, swimming, cycling, and reading meaningful non-fiction.

Academic Interests and Research

The primary focus of our laboratory is the investigation of developmental, behavioral, and neurochemical aspects of alcohol abuse and addiction. We use rodent models to elucidate the effects of:

  • adolescent drug exposure on subsequent alcohol-related behaviors
  • taurine supplementation on the pharmacologic response to alcohol
  • early stress on alcohol-related behaviors
  • alcohol on behavior and pharmacological challenges during the adolescent period
  • adolescent alcohol exposure on the associative properties of alcohol in adulthood

Recent Publications

Full Curriculum Vitae

Graham, D.L., & Diaz-Granados, J.L. (2006). Periadolescent exposure to ethanol and diazepam alters the aversive properties of ethanol in adult mice. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, 84, 406-414.

Diaz-Granados, J.L., & Graham, D.L. (2007). The effects of continuous and intermittent ethanol exposure in adolesence on the aversive properties of ethanol during adulthood. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 31, 2020-2027.

Matthews, D.B., Tinsley K.L., Diaz-Granados, J.L., Tokunaga, S., & Silvers, J.M. (2008). Chronic intermittent exposure to ethanol during adolescence produces tolerance to the hypnotic effects of ethanol in male rats: A dose dependent analysis. Alcohol, 42, 617-621.

Berry, R.B., Chandra, D., Diaz-Granados, J.L., Homanics, G.E., & Matthews, D.B. (2009). Genetic reduction of GABAA receptor y2 subunits does not affect impairment of spatial memory by ethanol. Neuroscience Letters, 455, 84-87.

Kumar, S., Porcu, P., Werner, D.F., Matthews, D.B., Diaz-Granados, J.L., Helfand, R.S., & Morrow, A.L. (2009). The role of GABAA receptors in the acute and chronic effects of ethanol:A decade of progress. Psychopharmacology, 205, 529-564.

Riley, H.H., Zalud, A.W., &. Diaz-Granados, J.L. (2009). The Influence of a Chronic Adolescent Nicotine Exposure on the Ethanol Withdrawal Severity During Adulthood in C3H Mice. In press.

Current Ph.D. Students

Adelle Novier, Texas Lutheran University

Former Ph.D. Student

Rebecca S. Helfand, Ph.D.: Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado - Boulder
Candice Van Skike, Ph.D.: Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kentucky

Courses previously taught at Baylor

  • NSC 1306 - Introduction to Neuroscience
  • PSY 1305 - Introduction to Psychology
  • NSC 5319 - Advanced Clinical Neuroscience
  • NSC 4312 - Behavioral Medicine
  • NSC 4317 - Literature of Behavioral Neuroscience