The Pruit Memorial Symposium at Baylor University brings the perspective of Christian intellectual tradition on contemporary issues of common concern. Through the articulation of differing views within the realm of Christian understanding, Baylor aspires to be a locus for a distinctly Protestant and Christian world view that is true to the best thoughts in Baptist tradition. In 1996, Ella Wall Prichard and the late Lev H. Prichard III of Corpus Christi established the Pruit Memorial Symposium Endowment Fund in memory of Helen Pruit Matthews and her brothers, Dr. Lee Tinkle Pruit and William Wall Pruit.

2009:Religion, Politics and Society: The Baptist Contribution
The 2009 Pruit Symposium examined the impact of Baptists on 400 years of history. Through plenary sessions, panel discussions, and presented papers, we sought a scholarly examination of Baptist tradition while commemorating this heritage. An outstanding array of academics and theologians offered insight and invited discussion on the mark Baptists have left upon both past and present.

2005: Global Christianity: Challenging Modernity and the West
Christian movements continue to exert significant influence in North America and increasingly in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia. The growth of world Christianity since the eighteenth century confounds conventional expectations of modernity and secularization, challenged the centrality of the "West" in traditional narratives of Christianity, and presented an intriguing religious aspect of the postmodern condition.

2004: Slavery, Oppression, and Prejudice: Ancient Roots and Modern Implications

2003: The Schooled Heart: Moral Formation in American Higher Education

2002: Christianity and Economics: Integrating Faith and Learning in Economic Scholarship

2001: Celebrating Augustine's Confessions: Reading Augustine for the New Millenium

2000: Interpreting Christian Art