Our Strategic Vision: Pro Futuris

Pro Futuris

For more than 160 years, Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana has remained at the heart of Baylor University. Baylor’s current strategic vision—Pro Futuris, for the future — is an extension of the University’s motto. The title Pro Futuris highlights that Baylor’s past is inextricably linked to its future and that service to God and the world continues to vivify Baylor.

Adopted by the Baylor University Board of Regents in May 2012, Pro Futuris is a result of a deliberately open and participatory planning process that spanned 18 months. Pro Futuris serves as a compass for Baylor’s future—a guiding document that points the University toward its destination while inviting creativity in determining the paths it will travel. Pro Futuris follows on the heels of Baylor 2012, a ten-year vision launched in 2002, which boldly asserted Baylor’s intention to enter the top tier of American research universities while deepening its Christian commitment. Continual growth and development under Pro Futuris will enable Baylor to become a Carnegie Research University with “very high research activity” while simultaneously and unequivocally embracing its Christian identity.

Pro Futuris offers Baylor overarching direction through five Aspirational Statements, all of which proceed from commitments articulated in the University’s mission statement, foundational assumptions, core convictions, and unifying academic themes. There are several signal ideals that cut across and permeate all of the Aspirational Statements. These include: a steadfast commitment to Christian values and identity, an emphasis on leadership development, a global perspective, a dedication to excellence, and a desire to direct the University’s knowledge and resources toward solving the world’s most pressing problems.

As an expression of the vision developed in partnership with faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and friends, Baylor will be a community recognized for:

  1. Transformational Education - where academic excellence and life-changing experiences ignite leadership potential that increases students’ desire for wisdom, understanding of calling, and preparation for service in a diverse and interconnected global society;
  2. Compelling Scholarship - where research discoveries illuminate solutions to significant challenges confronting the world and where creative endeavors reflect the breadth of God’s creation;
  3. Informed Engagement - where Baylor’s Christian faith, in conjunction with the University’s expertise and resources, inspires a desire to address systemic problems facing Baylor’s community, both local and global, and renews its dedication to improvement of self and service to others;
  4. Committed Constituents - where the dedication of alumni and friends advances Baylor through sustained involvement and philanthropy; and
  5. Judicious Stewardship - where the value generated by and derived from a Baylor experience is supported through a diversity of revenues, prudent management of the University’s resources, and the pursuit of outstanding quality and character in every area of University life.

From these Aspirational Statements, which represent due north for Baylor’s future institutional course, University administration identified and formulated “Acts of Determination” to guide Pro Futuris. That process led to the creation of a set of highly specific institutional goals to be realized over the course of the next five years. In May 2014, the Baylor Board of Regents approved these five-year institutional goals. These goals provide a greater degree of specificity for the vision of Pro Futuris and set clear expectations for the shape of things to come. For further information, visit: www.baylor.edu/profuturis/fiveyeargoals.