Terminations and Transfers

Cardholder’s Responsibilities:

Before leaving Baylor University, the Cardholder shall:

  1. Surrender the current Baylor Transaction Detail (BTD) report along with receipts (if any) to his/her Approving Supervisor for review and approval.
  2. Provide their Approver with past months P-Card documentation in accordance with the Record Retention policy.
  3. Surrender their Purchasing Card to Human Resources at time of exit interview.
Approver’s Responsibilities:
  1. The Approver shall contact the Card Program Manager to close the account.
  2. Upon receipt of the BTD report, verify that receipts (if any) match the transactions and retain the report.
  3. Human Resources requires that the Separation Processing Form must have approval clearance by the Card Program Manager. Before clearance is granted, the Card Program Manager will verify with the Approver that the outstanding balance matches the BTD report. If there are receipts for charges not appearing on the report, retain for matching with the end of month cycle Commercial Card Statement.
  4. After the end of month cycle (usually around the 21st) the Card Program Manager will e-mail a copy of the Cardholder’s printed Commercial Card Statement to the Approver. The Approver shall verify that the BTD report and printed statement totals match with proper itemized documentation. Sign and date the BTD report and retain along with other Cardholder’s P-Card records. If the statement shows additional charges without receipts, contact the Card Program Manager immediately.

Employees who transfer between University departments may keep their Purchasing Card if their new supervisor wants them to have one. The new supervisor shall e-mail the Card Program Manager and provide the new Department ID, campus address, phone number plus additional Department ID's, if pertinent.