Lost or Stolen Cards

• Immediately notify JPMorgan at 1-800-270-7760 and the Card Administrator, at 254-710-8637 during a normal workday.

• If calling after 5 p.m. or on a weekend, then notify the Card Administrator on the next workday.

• A new Purchasing Card shall be promptly issued after the reported loss or theft.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Upon receipt, the Cardholder will need to follow the instructions below to designate the new account as the default in PN.

Go to My Profile > Accounts > click on the radio button by the new account number > Save

• If you have an online account with Office Max, you will need to update your expiration date and credit card # on your account. For instructions, please see below:

  1. Log on to the website www.officemaxsolutions.com
  2. Click on the top tab called "Account Set-up"
  3. Select Set Up credit card
  4. Click on your credit card alias (inside the box)
  5. Click on Add/Update
• A card that is subsequently found by the Cardholder after being reported lost or stolen shall be cut up and discarded.

Compromised Card

If there is a suspicious transaction on your account, JPMorgan will contact you by phone to confirm a fraudulent transaction(s) on your account and issue a new card. Advise the Card Administrator by email.

Compromised cards require additional follow up. Once the transaction has been verified with JPMorgan, they will fax a Fraud Affidavit to complete and fax back. Please allow 7-10 days for receipt of the Affidavit. Upon receipt of the Fraud Affidavit, JPMorgan will start the investigation and apply a debit and a credit to your new account and the original fraud charge will remain on your fraud account. Approved transactions will also be transferred to your new account. Notes will need to be entered as required on all transactions. The investigation may take up to 90 days for resolution. After the investigation is complete, the Cardholder is responsible for identifying that the credit has been credited in PN and to their budget. If you have any questions about your budget, please advise.