Moving Guidelines

Eligibility Requirement

The new employee being relocated must be designated regular full-time faculty, executive/professional staff or authorized Athletic Department staff. Temporary faculty and staff members are not eligible for this benefit.


Baylor pays 2/3 of the cost of moving the household goods of the incoming employee and the new faculty or staff member pays the remaining 1/3. The 2/3 share of the University must not exceed 10% of a year's contract for faculty or one month's salary for staff.

Moving Companies

Procurement Services has contracted with the following moving companies to perform needed services when relocations are necessary. These companies were chosen based on their reputation for providing quality service and their ability to provide the University a substantial discount.

Hidden Valley Moving & Storage
Steve Gibson 254-778-5577

Central Transportation/United Van Lines
Stewart Simons 254-662-2884

Berger/Allied Van Lines
Mark McIntire 817-799-3012

Making arrangements from the destination point accomplishes the following:

  • Keeps larger percentage of money in Central Texas.
  • Facilitates claim handling, if necessary.
  • Avoids prepayment of move by new faculty or staff.

For married couples living in the same household, the intent of the policy is to assist with the move of one household.

Baylor's Moving Procedures

The new employee contacts the Procurement Services Office (254/710-1561), to provide notification of their move. Procurement Services will then forward information to the new employee instructing them on the procedures to follow to obtain a written estimate from one or more of our contracted moving companies. The written estimate will be mailed by the moving company to Baylor Procurement Services, with a copy to the new faculty or staff person before the move takes place.

After receiving the written estimate, the new employee must decide on how to proceed with their move. If they choose to use one of the commercial movers, they must notify Procurement Services of their selection. After proper authorization, a Purchase Order is issued. When the move is completed, the moving company bills the university, which Baylor pays in full. The Baylor Payroll Office then bills the incoming employee for payment of their 1/3 share.

If the housing the incoming employee expects to occupy is not available, all costs related to storage are the new employee's responsibility.

If a commercial mover is used for the basic move and some items such as books are shipped by parcel post, reimbursement will be made for the total cost of the move on the basis of the 2/3 - 1/3 arrangements.

The new faculty or staff member can elect to move themselves. The university will pay all self-move expenses (such as U-Haul truck rental, packing boxes, meals, hotel, gasoline, etc.) as long as those expenses do not exceed the university’s cap of 1 month’s salary. Reimbursement is based upon receipts for all expenses claimed. This allows the new employee the option of saving money by moving themselves instead of using a commercial mover. Moving related expenses may not be submitted for reimbursement on a Travel Expense Report.

In 2002, it was also approved to pay for up to $500 of moving expenses for entry-level Student Life (excluding administrative support) positions that are not classified as Staff Executive/Faculty-Executive. All moves in excess of the guidelines require Divisional VP approval and the additional cost is funded by each department.

Procurement Services
Phone: 710-1561