Frequenty Asked Questions

Printing Procurement FAQs

Q: Is Printing Procurement (PPO) going away?
A: PPO is not going away but its role is changing. Since 1994, PPO has been the intermediary between Baylor constituents and Print Providers for all Baylor print projects. Beginning this summer, we are asking constituents to contact Print Providers directly for "Reprint" projects (whether the project reprints "exactly as is" or "with minor text/art changes").

Soon, PPO will introduce a new ordering system and invite constituents to place brand new print orders directly with Approved Print Providers. Until then however, please continue to contact PPO to place new orders.
As soon as our new ordering system is operational, PPO will be involved with your orders under these circumstances:

  • Training Baylor constituents in the new ordering system.
  • A project will be more than $5,000 and therefore requires 3 competitive bids.
  • Baylor constituent experiences recurring problems with their Print Provider.
  • Print Provider experiences lasting difficulty in obtaining payment for completed projects.

Q: How long will my project take?
For smaller-scale projects, allow 5-7 business days. Large-scale projects will need more time. Also, the longer you hold on to the Print Provider’s proof, the more time the provider will need to complete the order.

Q: How will I know which Print Providers will be competitive?

  1. For projects that will be less than $5,000, competitive bids are not required but click the Specialties List to view each print provider’s specialties.
  2. For projects that will be more than $5,000, you don’t have to. PPO will be able to bid your project competitively, assist you in choosing your provider and then will turn the bids over to you for your TRAX Requisition backup documentation.

Q: What is the Institutional Mark?
Click Institutional Mark to find out.

Q: Is the Institutional Mark necessary?
It is. In order to meet the terms of Baylor’s Graphic Standards, all print projects for the university must include the Institutional Mark.

E-commerce / Stationery Order FAQs

Q: Is the way we order business cards and other stationery items going to change?
No. The process for ordering stationery items will stay the same.

Q: How unique does my Username need to be?
Very. This site is hosted on a national server and will not recognize a new account if another person already has the Username you’ve chosen. PPO recommends using your Baylor email address. It will be easy to remember and exceptionally unique (ie:

Q: Why does the Login page go blank after I fill in the New Customer information and click the “Save” button?
Often, the site needs 5-10 minutes to establish your account, after which, you may enter the Username and password you created into the “Returning Customer” portal and begin the ordering process.

Q: May we make changes to the business card layout? (ie: shrink text or spacing)

Q: When can I expect my order to be shipped?
If you place your order by end of business Tuesday, your order will arrive on campus on the subsequent Friday. On Friday, orders are delivered directly to offices north of University Parks Drive (ie: Ferrell Center, Robinson Tower). For the rest of campus, orders are distributed by Central Receiving the following Monday.

Q: Why do some offices receive shipments on Friday while others have to wait until Monday?
UPS cannot make deliveries directly on campus but can deliver directly to buildings north of University Parks Drive.

Q: Can I receive packages off campus or on another day of the week?
Yes. However, there will be an additional shipping fee and if your office is on campus and your package arrives on a Wednesday, for instance, it will be delivered to PPO and you will be notified when it is available for pick up.