Ordering Procedures

All Baylor University departments should contact PPO when they need printing. The department will provide information regarding their project including a Department ID number and contact information.

The Process:

  • For larger projects, bids are obtained from three qualified print vendors.
  • PPO provides lowest cost to department for approval to proceed.
  • PPO processes paperwork and sends the print order to the vendor with the best production capabilities for the specific project.
  • The vendor provides a proof for most new jobs before printing.
  • Upon receipt of the vendor's invoice, PPO processes and approves it for payment.
  • For jobs costing less than $25,000, PPO processes payment of invoices using a university purchasing card and recodes the the charges to the corresponding department ID#, account 9372, provided by the customer.
  • Orders costing more than $25,000 are coordinated by PPO with the Budget Office.
  • PPO sends the print vendor's invoices totaling more than $25,000 to Accounts Payable to be charged to the Department ID number and account number 9372.
  • PPO will send a Statement of Account (for jobs totaling less than $25,000) or a Job Cost Summary (for jobs costing more than $25,000) to the department showing information relating to the job and costs that will be charged through TRAX.

Stationery items such as business cards, letterhead, and miscellaneous envelopes are available on the PPO E-commerce site. E-commerce Site

  • Department User enters and submits order online.
  • Payment must be made with a Baylor Purchasing Card.

Failure to comply with the policy regarding the purchase of printing through the Printing Procurement Office can result in the vendor not being paid. If the vendor does not have a valid Printing Procurement job number for the specific job, the University will not be held responsible for payment. In such cases, the individual ordering the unauthorized printing of the job may be held personally responsible for payment.