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The Baylor University Printing Procurement Office (PPO) coordinates all printing needs for the departments of the university. This is accomplished by utilizing service providers who provide quality printing, competitive pricing and service.

New Ordering Procedures

Since 1994, PPO has been the intermediary between Baylor constituents and print providers for all Baylor print projects. Beginning this summer, we are asking constituents to contact print providers directly for “Reprint” projects (whether the project reprints “exactly as is” or “with minor text/art changes”).

Soon, PPO will introduce a new ordering system and invite constituents to place brand new print orders directly with approved print providers. Until then however, please continue to contact PPO to place new orders.
As soon as our new ordering system is operational, PPO will be involved with your orders under these
  • Training Baylor constituents in the new ordering system.
  • A project will be more than $5,000 and therefore requires 3 competitive bids.
  • Baylor constituent experiences recurring problems with their print provider.
  • Print provider experiences lasting difficulty in obtaining payment for completed projects.

Direct Billing

Processing payments for all your printing needs has become easier. The print provider will send an invoice to department user and can be paid via TRAX or Baylor Purchasing Card.

We’re Here to Help!

If you experience any problems during the ordering process, please give us a call. We would be happy to assist you with any needs.