Will You Rise Up Again?

Baylor Nation,

Amidst the backdrop of an exciting game against Texas Tech and Iowa State, I thanked Baylor Nation for their support as we have fought hard to sustain a strong Big 12 conference. With the help of so many, we have assured that the Big 12 will not only survive but thrive in the future.

Just as you have rallied to our call to protect the Big 12, I now ask you to pledge your support to our athletics endowed scholarship fund. Your financial commitment in any amount helps fund Baylor scholarships for student athletes in all of our 19 championship-caliber men's and women's Big 12 sports.

Please take a moment to view my short message of thanks and then utilize the simple giving mechanism to personally participate in this important effort. Make your gift now.

Thank you Baylor Nation and Sic 'em Bears!

Ken Starr