About Baylor Pre-Law

Baylor Pre-Law is made up of a Pre-Law Coordinator as well as a Pre-Law Advisory Council of faculty and staff members from across the university. The Pre-Law Student Ambassadors also play a crucial role in the planning and implementation of Baylor Pre-Law programs. All of these individuals work collaboratively to support the development of Baylor's pre-law students.

Pre-Law Coordinator

C. Alfred Mackenzie attended Baylor University, where he received the Bachelor of Arts (1987), Master of Arts (1988), and Juris Doctor (1991) degrees. In 2012, he also earned the Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the University of Glasgow. Professor Mackenzie currently teaches pre-law courses as an adjunct in the Honors College and has previously taught legal writing, federal courts, and appellate procedure at the Baylor Law School. As interim Pre-Law Coordinator, Mackenzie advises pre-law students, coordinates special programs to prepare students for law school, and teaches pre-law success courses.

Pre-Law Advisory Council

  • Dr. Francis Beckwith (Philosophy)
  • Mr. Alex Bell (Alumni Representative)
  • Mr. Sam Binkley (Business School)
  • Mr. Thomas Doyle (Alumni Representative)
  • Dr. Patrick Flavin (Political Science)
  • Ms. Rosanne Fuller (College of Arts and Science Advising)
  • Dr. Timothy Heckenlively (Classics)
  • Mr. Christopher Holmes (Office of General Counsel)
  • Ms. Joyce Miller (University Advisement)
  • Mr. Adam Moore (Baylor Interdisciplinary Core)
  • Dr. Charles North (Baylor Business Fellows)
  • Ms. Trish Nunley (Business Law)
  • Dr. Joan Supplee (History)
  • Mr. Brent Perry (Alumni Representative)
  • Dr. Lynn Wisely (College of Arts & Science)

Pre-Law Student Ambassadors
Applications for the 2017-2018 Pre-Law Student Ambassadors will be available in August 2017. Contact the Pre-Law Coordinator with any questions.