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New Prehealth Student Orientation 2017-2018


Your Guide to Preparing for Freshman Year and Beyond

THE OFFICE OF PREHEALTH STUDIES, in the BAYLOR SCIENCES BUILDING, Room B.111, provides programming, advising, and application support to students planning to pursue a career in any of the eight areas of healthcare including premedical (PM), predental (PD), prephysician assistant (PA), preoptometry (PO), preveterinary (PV), prepharmacy (PP), prephysical therapy (PT), and preoccupational therapy (PC).

WHAT WE DO: Our programming is designed to broaden and enhance academic preparation for health professional school curricula, foster academic excellence, and promote successful admission test outcomes to improve your chances for acceptance into a health professional school.

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Engaging & Planning


1. How will I be identified as a prehealth student? Verify that you are designated as a prehealth student when you visit with your advisor for the first time. Once you have your Prehealth Designator (PM, PD, PA, etc. as shown above), you'll have access to the appropriate Canvas and other communications directed to your preprofessional track. It is important that you check your Prehealth Canvas often for updated information and available opportunities.

2. Which classes do I need to take in my Freshman year? Your academic advisor will help you select the appropriate courses and general degree requirements for your first two semesters to avoid "getting behind." Please, see #7 to view our 4 year planners.

3. Are there any classes specifically for prehealth students? Our office offers special classes that are intended to facilitate success in prehealth studies. Here is a list of those

4. What is the best major for medical school? Choose the major that is right for you according to interest, aptitude, and future plans. Some majors have requirements that are very similar to those required for admission to health professions schools. Some do not. Develop an alternate plan in the event that you change your mind about your career path or do not get accepted when you apply. Here is a list of majors for you to

5. How can I meet other prehealth students? Join one of the many Prehealth Student Organizations when they hold interest meetings soon after fall classes begin. Late Night at the SLC is a fun way to learn about all of the campus organizations and to meet new friends!

6. Do I need to see a Prehealth adviser? Information about prehealth advising will be sent to you in the fall so that you can make decisions about the classes that you plan to take in the spring 2015 semester. This advising will be recommended. Additionally, you may have other advising obligations that are required. Students in programs such as Honors will have two or more required advisements to schedule through BEARWEB.

7. How can I better plan my semesters and courses for my prehealth track? Below are documents containing the 4 year planners for our pehealth track. Please, take some time to review yours and talk with your advisor about a degree plan. Don't forget, you can also run a degree audit on BEARWEB.


When you are close to having all prerequisites completed, you will begin the professional school application. Our office will offer information sessions to prepare you for this process. Here are the application website links to familiarize you with that procedure.








MAILING ADDRESS: One Bear Place #97341; Waco, TX 76798-7341

PHONE: 1( 254) 710-3659

FAX: 1(254) 710-3658