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NSTM 2013 Summer Institute Student - Anju Kannappan

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Words from Anju

My experience at the Summer Institute at BCM included not only learning about some of the details regarding global health, such as various helminthic infections and other infectious diseases, but also learning about the broader scale of tropical medicine, such as epidemiology and health care policy. Even though I felt I had a basic background in a few of these topics, I still gained so much knowledge about global health as a whole through this program.

This program opened my eyes to the variety of career paths a person can take and still be interested in global health. It caused me to reflect more on why I want to be a physician and why that is the right path for me if I still wish to work in the tropical medicine field. Also having lecturers who were experts in their specific field and willing to answer any questions we had was both extremely valuable as well as inspiring.

I would definitely encourage others to apply! Whether you have some background knowledge on tropical disease or have never taken a course regarding global health, this program will definitely teach you things you did not know before. Not only will you gain valuable knowledge about tropical medicine, but you will also have the opportunity to meet some of the leading faculty at BCM NSTM and learn bout their experiences in this field. Overall, it is a very valuable experience!