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NSTM 2013 Summer Institute Student - Andrew Gross

Words from Andrew

We had the special opportunity to learn about some of the underlying issues to the medical aspect of global health, how to study these issues, and in turn, how to combat, or attempt, to combat, them. Additionally, we had the special privilege to meet with world class experts in tropical medicine. From meeting people like Peter Hotez, the Dean of the Tropical School of Medicine, to Kristin Murray, an excellent and nationally recognized epidemiologist, the plethora of opportunities to meet such selfless individuals who had decided to intertwine their lives with global health was astounding.

I felt like I was genuinely challenged to not only learn the true depths of tropical medicine, but to also seize the numerous possibilities in medicine and global health.

I would most highly recommend this program to anyone who was interested in global health and/or medicine. This is the kind of opportunity most undergraduates would not be able to ascertain under normal circumstance. If you are serious about global health and medicine, it would be foolish not to experience this program.