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Baylor University offers elective coursework specifically geared toward students pursuing careers in healthcare. It is highly recommended that students in the Prehealth Program take these classes. Please check Course Listings for fall or spring to determine their availability.

PHP 1106:Introduction to the Health Professions: An introduction to the health professions; the nature of the medical and dental arts; educational skills and basic survival skills in the healthcare professions; overview of graduate level study in health related professions. (Cross-listed with MH 1106)

PHP 1105: Foundations of Medicine A broad survey of the premedical studies, the preparation for medical school admission, and the medical profession.(Cross-listed with MH 1106)

EDP 1101: A workshop course to aid students in development of effective study and self-management skills necessary for success in all courses but with targeted emphasis on strategies for biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

PHP 2105: Premedical Professional Development Professionalism within healthcare including appropriate personal attributes and expectations, integrity, interpersonal communication, and self-appraisal. Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing and completion of either PHP 1105 or PHP/MH 1106 with a grade of "B" or higher.