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Prehealth Advising Workshops: Students who are designated prehealth are strongly encouraged to attend one of the Prehealth Advising Workshops offered each semester until they are familiar with the prerequisite coursework and science sequencing. Dates will be posted on Blackboard as they are scheduled. Students may check their advisement requirements by signing into Bearweb.

If needed, students may schedule an individual advisement following the group workshop if they have additional questions or concerns.

Committee Evaluation Procedure Workshop:  A brief overview of the Prehealth Committee on Evaluation and the process students will utilize to attain a letter of recommendation/support for their application to medical, dental, podiatry and PA programs.   

Preparing for the Professional School Interview Workshop:  This workshop will discuss the typical interview format utilized by medical/dental schools in their application process.  It will also cover some aspects of the Prehealth Committee interview process as well.  A variety of strategies will be discussed for the student to utilize in their preparation for both the Committee interview and the professional school interview.