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Linda B. Haynes

Ms. Linda B. Haynes

Currently Teaching

PHP 1106 Introduction to Health Professions

Program Manager for Health Profession Advising

The competitiveness of the professional programs requires hard work, dedication, and a strong commitment to an ultimate goal. Diligence in attending advisement each semester to plan science and math sequencing, maintaining a passion for the career path you have chosen, and persistence with volunteer, shadowing, and other prehealth requirements helps to prepare prehealth students for the challenges ahead.

Each semester our office will hold several group sessions designed to give you general information about the advising process for that semester. Please check the schedule as soon as it is released for dates and times. You will not need to make an individual advising appointment in order to have your prehealth advising hold lifted if you attend one of these sessions. However, if you find yourself with questions after the session is over, or you have other concerns not addressed in the group session, you are always welcome to email me for an appointment!

Students who are designated "Prehealth" should make it a priority to find out as much about the medical field as possible.

The Prehealth Sciences Department is a valuable resource for you, and I hope you will visit our office frequently and get to know us. Additionally, the Prehealth Study Suite (BSB, C108) is a quiet place for you to focus your concentration on all of your coursework.


Office: Baylor Sciences Building - Room B111.2