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Applicants are requested to have the majority of their science prerequisites completed by the semester of application. Deadlines are posted on the veterinary schools' individual websites and may vary from one year to the next. ALL prerequisites must be completed by the end of the spring semester prior to matriculation into the veterinary college at TAMU. For out of state students, please consult the VMCAS website. Students should request a new brochure each year in order to keep current on specific course requirements. There is a centerlaized application center for the veterinary schools in the US and Canada.

The preprofessional course of study for veterinary medicine at TAMU requires a minimum of 64 semester hours including the following courses.


1305/1105 (1306/1106)
2306/2106 or 3330*, 4401*

11/14 sem hours


1301/1101, 1302/1102, 3331, (3332),
4341, 4342

11/14 sem hours


1408/1409 or 1420/1430**

8 sem hours


MTH 1321 or STA 2381

3 sem hours


1302, 3300 and 2301(04,06)

9 sem hours


CSS1302 or 3311 preferred

*For students completing Biology 1306-1106.
**For students completing Mathematics 1321 and 1322.

The applicant should be familiar with animal systems and behavior through coursework in animal science or demonstrable experience.

Applicants must tender a minimum GPA of 2.75/4.00 (or 3.00/4.00 in the last 45 hours), a minimum "C" average in each preprofessional subject area, 65 hours of completed preprofessional coursework (may include work in progress), and an acceptable score on the GRE General Test.

The student should determine any specific course requirements and recommendations of the professional schools to which application is to be made.

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