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Dental School Admission Requirements

Biology* as required of science majors

4 semesters

Chemistry* including one year of general and one year or organic as required of science majors.

4 semesters

English and/or humanities

4 semesters

Physics* as required of science majors

2 semesters

*Includes required formal laboratory work.
The student should determine any specific course requirements and recommendations of the professional schools to which application is to be made.

Recommended courses for dental preprofessional preparation
Those courses in the College of Arts and Sciences which are recommended as providing strong preprofessional preparation and as meeting the minimum admission requirements of most dental schools are listed below. (Recommended electives are in parentheses.)






1305-1105 and
1306-1106 plus two courses selected from:
3330, 3422, 3429
4301, 4306-4106
4401, 4424, 4426, etc
1301-1101, 1302-1102,
3331, 3332, 3238
(4321 or 4327, 4316 & 4217
4127, 4322, 4128, 4342, 4248)
1304 or 3300 &
2304 or 2306
(1322, 2321, OR STA 2381)
1420** and 1430**
1408 and 1409
**For students completing Mathmatics 1321 and 1322
Other courses often recommended:
  • Modern foreign language 
  • Humanities 
  • Social and behavioral sciences 
  • Fine arts and sciences.

Predental students are required to take the Dental Admission Test (DAT) twelve to sixteen months prior to the expected date of matriculation. It is recommended that these tests be taken after completion of the Spring semester of the sophomore or junior year and only after thorough personal preparation. The DAT is available on demand in an electronic format only following an approval of an applicationform and fee payment to the Dental Admission Test Program and registration with a Sylvan Technology Testing Center at least 48 hours in advance. Applicants may retake the test after a 90-day waiting period; but they must file a new application, pay a new fee, and register with Sylvan to do so.

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