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The College of Arts and Sciences offers a program of undergraduate instruction designed to prepare students for the professional curricula of accredited physical therapy programs at other universities. As the student nears completion of approximately 65 to 90 semester hours in prerequisite courses at Baylor University, he or she may apply for admission to a degree-granting program in Physical Therapy. Upon successful completion of 24-36 months of study at the professional school, the student will be able to continue working toward a doctoral level program of physical therapy from that university. Alternatively, if the student wishes to earn a degree at Baylor University, he or she should incorporate physical therapy prerequisite courses into that degree program; the bachelor of arts programs in general biology accommodates virtually all physical therapy prerequisite courses, but the physical therapy schools do not have a preference for a particular degree or major. A student earning a bachelor's degree at Baylor University may work toward a doctoral level program in physical therapy.

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