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Prepharmacy at Baylor University

Students who plan to enter the field of pharmacy may apply for admission to a school of pharmacy after completing the appropriate prepharmacy requirements, which require a minimum of two years of study. Courses at Baylor University which correspond to the current requirements at the Texas pharmacy schools are listed below. Please note that courses in chemistry and biology should not be postponed, as there are more courses in these than in other areas. Any delay in starting chemistry or biology courses will extend the time necessary to complete the prepharmacy requirements. The prepharmacy requirements for pharmacy schools in other states are generally similar to those listed below, but consultation with the prepharmacy adviser is recommended to identify possible differences. All schools in Texas now require the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), as do pharmacy schools in most states. This exam is given in October, January, and April of each year. Further information can be obtained from the prepharmacy adviser.