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Predental students entering Baylor should acquaint themselves with the personnel and resources in the Premed/Predent Office at the earliest opportunity. The personnel are available to assist students on a drop-in basis. One of the best investments available there is the AED Premed/Predent Handbook--a must. Academic advisement for premed/predent students is coordinated through the Premed/Predent Office.

Information concerning admission requirements for The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School, The University of Texas - Houston Dental Branch, the Texas A&M Baylor College of Denistry and US and Canadian medical schools, entering class profiles, and costs is maintained. Many bulletins for individual professional schools are also on hand. Applications for local Premedical/Predental Advisory Committee interviews, DAT, and medical/dental schools are provided through the office. Video and written materials on test-taking strategies are available, especially for use by entering students. Office personnel arrange for the local committee interview, provide an analysis of application profiles, and prepare the Committee Evaluation sent to the professional schools.  

Comprised of members from student affairs, the basic sciences, mathematics, social science, religion, and language departments, the Premed/Predent Advisory Committee interviews and evaluates applicants for professional school. Composite evaluations are prepared giving factual information about the applicant, a plot of chronological grade progression, teacher ratings on a variety of personal characteristics, committee ratings on academic and personal qualities, and committee comments based on the interview, personal knowledge, and application materials. Although the professional school interviews are usually one-on-one, the Baylor PM/PD Advisory Committee interview will serve as useful preparation.  The Chair, Administrative Associate, Academic Advisor, and Members of the Premed/Predent Advisory Committee keep close communication with the admissions officers of professional schools in Texas. The Chair is also active in the Southeastern and National Associations of Advisors for the Health Professions.  Members of Alpha Epsilon Delta assist the PM/PD Office with a Premed/Predent Handbook, Premed/Predent Day, a low-cost MCAT/DAT review course, tours of medical and dental schools, programs featuring a variety of healthcare professionals, and building tours for prospective premedical/predental students. They afford the program a sense of family and caring.  

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a program of courses designed to prepare students for the professional curriculum in dental schools offered by accredited schools. Students preparing for dentistry are urged to complete the baccalaureate degree before entering professional school. Dental schools select students with majors in both science and nonscience disciplines. Regardless of major, the student is encouraged to excel academically in all disciplines and to develop strong personal qualities of leadership, interpersonal skills, ethics, and service. Click here to see a few ideas for major/degree options.