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Students entering Baylor should acquaint themselves with the personnel and resources in the Prehealth Studies Office at their earliest opportunity.

The Prehealth Advisory Committee interviews and evaluates applicants for professional school applications. Composite evaluations are prepared giving factual information about the applicant, a plot of chronological grade progression, teacher ratings on a variety of personal characteristics, committee ratings on academic and personal qualities, and committee comments based on the interview, personal knowledge, and application materials.

Students preparing for medicine are urged to complete the baccalaureate degree before entering professional school. Medical schools select students with majors in both science and nonscience disciplines. Regardless of major, the student is encouraged to excel academically in all disciplines and to develop strong personal qualities of leadership, interpersonal skills, ethics, and service. Admission to medical school is highly competitive, and only superior students are accepted. In general, selection is based on the student's application, academic record, scores on the Medical College Admission Test , the Evaluation Report of the Prehealth Advisory Committee, and a personal interview at the professional school.

The minimum requirements for medical school admission include the following:

Biology* for science majors

4 semesters

Chemistry* including one year of general and one year of organic as required of science majors

4 semesters plus 1 semester of biochemistry


2 semesters

Mathematics including calculus and statistics

2 semesters

Physics  for science majors

2 semester

*Includes required formal laboratory work.

 Recommended Baylor courses for medical preprofessional preparation






1305-1105 and 1306-1106 plus two additional upper level BIO courses 1301/1101, 1302/1102, 3331, 3332, 3238 and 4341 1302 1304 or 3300

1321 and STA 2381

1420 and 1430 or 1408 and 1409

Premedical students are required to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).This test should be taken twelve to sixteen months prior to the expected date of matriculation.

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