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Premedical/ Predental Advisory Committee

Students who are designated as Premedical, Predental, or Prepodiatry may request a committee interview provided that they meet the following GPA requirements:

PM/PD - BCPM* GPA 3.3 or above

PA - Overall GPA 3.5 or above

The committee interview will result in a committee letter that is submitted, as a valuable part of the students’ evaluation file, to professional schools of interest. Students may apply to any schools they choose. A committee interview and letter are not mandatory for application, but do provide an added benefit to the student.

2014-2015 Premedical/Predental Advisory Committee members include:

Richard Sanker, Ph.D., Committee Chairperson; Director, Office of Prehealth Studies

Linda Brodie Haynes, MSEd., Program Manager, Office of Prehealth Studies

Jane Lin, M.S., MBA, Program Coordinator, Office of Prehealth Studies

Erin K. Stamile, MSEd., Program Coordinator, Office of Prehealth Studies

Lisa Baker, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Professor of Honors Program and Biology

Robert Baldridge, Ph.D., Professor of Biology

Lauren Barron, M.D., Lecturer of Medical Humanities

Pearlie Beverly, MSEd., Director, Multicultural Affairs

Katie Binetti, Ph.D., Lecturer of Anthropology

Maria De Mesa, Ph.D., Lecturer of Chemistry

Stephen Gipson, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry

Marty Harvill, Ph.D., Lecturer in Biology

Bill Hoy, DMIN, Clinical Faculty in Medical Humanities

Katherine Hutchison, M.S., Lecturer of Mathematics

Jesse W. Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry

Bradley Keele, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Linda Kinslow, Ph.D., Lecturer of Physics

Rizalia Klausmeyer, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Office of Prehealth Studies

Paul LaBounty, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Health, Human Performance and Recreation

James Marcum, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy

Thomas McGrath, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Marcie Moehnke, Ph.D., Lecturer of Biology

Bill Neilson, M.D., Senior Lecturer & Clinical Professor of Decision Science in the Honors Program

Kenneth Park, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics

David Pennington, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry

Hugh Riley, Ph.D., Lecturer of Psychology and Neuroscience

Daniel Samples, Ph.D. and M.D., Lecturer of Biology

Barb Symm, Ph.D., Director, Heath Science Studies

James Tandy, M.D., Clinical Professor of Biology

Mark Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology

John Vasut, Ph.D., Lecturer of Physics

Suzy Weems, Ph.D., Professor of Family & Consumer Sciences

* Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math