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Why Baylor?

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Outstanding Faculty:

Baylor is a nationally acclaimed teaching institution and an emerging research community where the dissemination and discovery of knowledge are important. With a student/faculty ratio of 17:1, Baylor maintains small classes averaging 29 students. Approximately 92 percent of all classes are taught by Baylor faculty rather than graduate students. Accessibility to professors is reinforced through Baylor's tradition of encouraging generous faculty office hours. Baylor employs approximately 845 faculty members. Eighty percent of full-time faculty have terminal degrees.

Excellent scholars lead programs throughout the University. Approximately 11 percent of full-time faculty are members of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest academic honor society.

Community Service Opportunties:

Twice a year, the Baylor community participates in Steppin' Out -- a work day for Baylor faculty, staff, and students to serve the local Waco community. Projects range from neighborhood clean-ups to programs at nursing homes. A student steering committee works on this program year round to organize an average of 3,000 students, 100 job sites and 12,000 volunteer hours per semester. In 2003 Steppin' Out was recognized with the Ruthe Jackson Youth Leadership Award.

In addition to Steppin' Out, Baylor students are committed to serving the community on a regular basis. Students volunteer at many agencies in Waco, such as: the Waco Boys and Girls Club, Waco Family Abuse Center, Mission Waco, Ronald McDonald House, Caritas, and World Hunger Farm, along with other volunteer agencies.

Students serve beyond the Waco community by participating in global missions. Often times, students can use the knowledge they are gaining in the classroom to help those in need. For example, each year pre-health students travel to Honduras and join medical teams to provide direct care for those in need.

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World Class Facilities:

The 508,000 square foot Baylor Sciences Building was designed to create a connection between the traditional science departments, to encourage an interactive science community and to support multidisciplinary collaborations in research and teaching. The design supports diverse teaching and learning styles in an atmosphere that fosters creativity and encourages learning communities outside the classroom.

With this mission, the Office of Director of Sciences Facility is committed to handling all aspects of the building's daily operations. Whether it is reserving a room, giving a tour or supporting the building's academic functions, let us know how we can be of service to you.