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Preparing the leaders among tomorrow's physicians and dentists, Baylor University's Prehealth Studies Program is both dynamic and demanding. Because of a rich Christian heritage and because of an historical commitment to the private sector education of service-oriented professionals, Baylor University attracts highly motivated students who possess the ability to learn both in and out of the classroom.

Challenged to grow intellectually, personally, emotionally, and spiritually, Baylor prehealth students are nurtured in a caring environment. Scientific competency is enhanced through rigorous academic programs. The development of high ethical and moral standards is encouraged. Leadership skills are fostered through active involvement in Baylor Student Organizations that are geared toward each area of prehealth interest.

Opportunities for gaining healthcare experience and for developing a further sense of compassion for others abound in Waco: three major hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories in both medicine and dentistry, a full range of dental, medical, optometry, and veterinary practices; ten nursing homes, and numerous social service agencies accomodate student volunteers.