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Baylor Health Care System - Chief Medical Officer Internship Program

Baylor Health Care System - CMO Internship Program

Led by Dr. Irving Prengler, the Office of the Chief Medical Officer for Baylor Health Care System (BHCS) has designed a summer internship in collaboration with Baylor University's Prehealth Program. The BHCS Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Summer Internship is designed to provide undergraduate Prehealth students the opportunity to spend 8 weeks of their summer working with senior executive leaders of BHCS. The BHCS CMO Summer Interns will be selected through a competitive application process coordinated with BU's Director of Prehealth Programs and BHCS's Vice President of Health Equity (see attached timeline).

There are two key elements to the BHCS CMO Summer Internship designed concurrently during the internship period:

    Experience in health care system and hospital administrative leadership

    Experience in health care related research, concept development and problem-solving related to current health care issues

The BHCS CMO Summer Internship will link each student intern with one member of the BHCS Chief Medical Officer Operations Council (a group of senior health care system physicians and administrators) who agrees to provide the intern's supervision during the internship. Through this relationship the student intern will have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of health care system administrative leadership and executive decision making through direct observation at strategic and operational health care system and hospital meetings.

Overall coordination of the BHCS CMO Council Summer Internship will be provided by the Baylor Health Care System Internship Coordinator. The BHCS Internship Coordinator will provide administrative support, office space and coordination for the summer internship experience. Through this position, each summer intern will be supervised in the performance of health care related research, concept development and problem-solving for a relevant research topic selected by the intern's supervising CMO Council member. These efforts will culminate in a final paper to be presented to the supervising CMO Council member and a Power Point presentation to be delivered at the CMO Council Summer Internship dinner to be held at the end of the summer.

Program Timeline:

  • January - Application to the program opens
  • March 1st - Applications due
  • March - Baylor University and Baylor Health Care System interviews
  • April - Candidates will be selected and notified
  • May through June - credentialing process and paperwork
  • June - Summer Internships begins*
  • Late July - Summer Internships conclude

* The Internship starts the first week of June and runs for 8 weeks.

Acceptance to this program will be based on academic achievements, student involvement, and best fit in order to create valuable volunteer/institution relationships. Eligible students must have a completed application by the deadline in order to be reviewed for this opportunity. Students will receive up to $2,500 in a stipend associated with the summer internship, and the opportunity for affordable housing if necessary. Applicants must be available to commit to the months of June and July. CLICK HERE to review the internship student requirements and responsibilities.

Learn more about the required application materials for the Baylor Health Care System CMO opportunity at If you would like to read more about the BHCS-CMO learning objectives, then please CLICK HERE.