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Meet the Medical Mentors

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Your 2013-2014 Medical Mentors!

I'm Sarah Ali and I am a Co-Founder of Medical Mentors, the Education/Mission Co-Chair of Up 'til Dawn, and a Medical Assistant at Waco Cardiology Associates. Medical Mentors is an avenue for pre-health students who may be unsure of what to expect from Baylor's pre-health program, or who aren't sure of what their next step should be on their journey to their professional school of choice. All of the medical mentors have been in this position at one time or another, and are more than willing to help. Knowing that we have been able to help, even if it's just one student, is what I love about being a part of the Medical Mentors. Photography, running, writing, and spending time with friends and family make up most of free time.

Hey! I'm Jesssica Colunga and I'm a junior. I am involved with Medical Mentors, AMSA, and I'm a Child Passenger Safety Technician (help in child passenger car seat fitting stations and special events held in Dallas). The Baylor Pre-Health Program and the Medical Mentors are always willing to offer advice to every pre-health student that asks for it! Do not let great wisdom escape you. Apart from spending time with my big family, I enjoy a simple dinner and movie night with friends.

Hey! I'm Dillon Gasper a junior and I'm a Health Science Studies major. I'm a Community Leader in Earle Hall, President and Founder of Be the Match, and Vice President of Baylor Triathlon. This pre-health community breaks the stereotype that being pre-med is ultra-competitive and cutthroat. We are here to help each other and challenge each other to do the best and be the best we can be. There is always someone that is willing to help! In my free time, I love reading, running, and talking over coffee.

Hey! I'm Ria Halder and I'm currently a junior biology major. I am an SI leader for Chemistry 1301, the Peer Mentorship Chair for the Medical Mentors Program, and an avid volunteer at the Family Health Clinic. The pre-health program has taught me how to get involved and make a difference in both the Baylor and Waco communities. In my free time, I love cooking exotic foods and traveling!

Hey, guys! I'm Jessica Korona and I'm a junior. I am the Alpha Delta Pi-recruitment day chair, the Study Abroad Office Peer Advisor, and am involved in SIGHT (Students Interested in Global Health).The organization and communication of the Pre-Health Office is great! They have always been able to answer any of my questions and give me advice when necessary. I feel like the Medical Mentors program is a great way for underclassmen to improve their academic standing and plan for what they need to do to be successful in their future endeavors. In my free time, I love to run, cook, bake, and go target shooting.

I'm Matthew Louis and I'm a senior biochemistry major. I am the president of Baylor Habitat for Humanity and a Scribe at the Hillcrest Emergency Department. I like the Medical Mentors program because we get to give the advice we never got! I like to water ski and read for fun.

Hey! I'm Victoria Manon and I'm a senior with a pre-dent emphasis. I'm an SI leader for BIO 1305/1306, the Panel Chair for the Medical Mentors Program, and a Surgical Assistant for Northeast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (NEOMS). I really appreciate that everyone is so eager to help in the pre-health program. In the Medical Mentors group, you have individuals that are not only hard working and intelligent, but also very personable and friendly. Overall, they're a great crowd to be around. Also, I really enjoy baking. I always try to find an excuse to do it for other people (Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc.) just because if I ate everything I made, I'd die at 32 of a heart attack.

Hi! I'm Regina Martinez and I'm a junior and I'm getting a BS Biochemistry pre-med/ World Affairs and a Medical Humanities minor. I am a Co-Founder of Medical Mentors, BURST VP, Providence Hospice volunteer, and a TA at the Pre-health office. What I admire about the Pre-Health office and the Medical Mentors program is the amount of opportunities for internships and mentoring that they offer. It is a privilege to be able to guide students through experience with the hope of helping them achieve their goals. In my free time, I love going to the movies, attending multicultural events, and taking occasional road trips to surrounding cities. I also enjoy having extensive dinners with friends and cooking international dishes. I have played soccer for eleven years, even on Baylor Women's club soccer team, and occasionally play with the guys at the BSB fields.

Hi, I'm Jacob Moran and I'm a senior. I am the current president of MSO and a CL at Earle Hall. I like how blessed we are to have so many opportunities for growth and development as we each work to accomplish our own unique goals. I enjoy spending unstructured time with friends in my free time.

Hi! My name is Vivian Nguyen. I'm a senior Neuroscience major with minors in Biology and Chemistry. I am one of Dr. Sanker's TAs and the Vice President of Service in Alpha Epsilon Delta. The Baylor Pre-Health program has so much to offer in terms of resources, and I love the camaraderie and support provided by the Medical Mentors. I play League of Legends in my free time.

I'm Chidinma Okani (ChiChi) and I am a senior University Scholar. I am the Academic Chair of Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students. I love having the opportunity to share lesson that I have learned over my four years at Baylor. One of my favorite pastimes is reading for pleasure.

Hey! I'm Lauren Roddy and I'm a junior University Scholar. I am the Academic Relations Chair for Students Interested in Global Health Today (SIGHT) and have been a Team Member for the Straw to Bread organization since 2012. Baylor's Prehealth Program distinctly recognizes and meets the diverse needs of its students, with their varied passions, talents, and backgrounds. No two Pre-Health students are alike, yet Baylor provides the tools each needs to succeed, both at Baylor and beyond. The Medical Mentors represent a diverse group of students as well, so students can rest assured that one of us will be equipped to accompany them along their unique Prehealth journey. In my free time, I enjoy reading, going to the movies with friends, and convincing students to go to Africa.

Hey! I'm Nick Rodriguez and I'm a sophomore pre-dent studying biology. I am involved with American Student Dental Association, Baylor Buddies, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Beta Theta Pi. I love the fact that I can help other students be successful, and pass on tools and study strategies that have helped me to other people. I strive to get to know the students personally and help them reach their goals. I enjoy hanging out with friends, sleeping and watching some Baylor football!

Hey! I'm Beth Uhlig and I'm a junior pre-med University Scholar. I'm involved with SIGHT Public Relations and I enjoy tuturoing at the Waco Community Training Center. Baylor has given me such an incredible mix of big-school opportunities as well as personal relationships- with professors and with friends that I will work with as a doctor someday. In my free time, I enjoy taking picture and designing things!

I'm Victoriano Valdez and I'm a senior studying Neuroscience/ Entrepreneurship & Chemistry. I am a Co-Founder of Medical Mentors, a volunteer at Providence Hospice, a former organic chemistry II SI Leader, and a TA at the Pre-Health Office. I believe the Medical Mentors can help our pre-health peers accomplish their goals by "learning through experience." Also, I love food! So I enjoy exploring Waco's restaurants and cooking multicultural meals with friends. Road trips to nearby cities are frequent weekend plans as well.

I'm Laura White and I am a Biology Major, Pre-Med. I'm the Treasurer for Alpha Epsilon Delta and the Faculty Appreciation Chair for Chi Omega. I also volunteer at the Family Health Center. I love the community that exists within the Pre-Health world, especially the medical mentors. These students walk beside me and encourage me, knowing that we are all struggling through the same things. I know I can always count on support from these students, as well as offer it in return! I know it is cliche, but I love being with people! I make sure I fit in quality time with my friends during the week, just to keep me sane. We go to workout, to the marina, out to eat, or even just study together. Also, I am a huge Baylor fan--I have only missed one home Baylor football game in my four years here!