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PhD Recipients and Placements

Name Degree Date Institution Dissertation Title Dissertation Director
Josh King May 2016 Clemson University, Visiting Scholar Good for Self and Good for Others: Rousseau's Construction of International Politics Dr. David Corey; Dr.David Clinton
Stephen Sims
Baylor University, Lecturer

Justice, Prudence, and Foreign Relations in Aristotle's Political Thought

Dr. Mary Nichols; Dr. David Clinton
Eric Fleury
May 2015
The College of the Holy Cross, Visiting Instructor A Fruitless Crown: The Logic and Limits of Foreign Policy in Revolutionist Dictatorships Dr. David Clinton
Vince Reighard
Dec. 2014
Northwest Christian University, Instructor Nietzsche as Educator Dr. David Corey
May 2014 University of Texas, San Antonio, Senior Lecturer Aquinas on Judgment, Justice, and the Unity of Peace Dr. Mary Nichols
Adam Carrington May 2014 Hillsdale College, Assistant Professor (tenure track) Liberty in Full: Justice Field's Cooperative Constitution of Liberty Dr. David Nichols
Chris Bissex May 2014 Charles Koch Foundation Gouverneur Morris's Constitution: How the Man Who Wrote the Constitution Understood the Mixed Regime and Separation of Powers Dr. David Nichols
Mark Scully May 2014 University of the Ozarks, Assistant Professor (tenure track) The Path to Party Unity: Popular Presidential Leadership and Principles Consensus Dr. David Nichols
Joseph Wysocki May 2013 Belmont Abbey College (tenured) Congressional Rhetoric: Going Public and Its Effects on the Institution Dr. David Nichols
David Capper May 2013 Texas A&M, Galvaston, Full-time Lecturer Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and Substantive Due Process: Why the Most Powerful Judge in History Isn't as Everybody Thinks He Is Dr. David Nichols
Anthony Bartl May 2012 Angelo State University (tenure track) The Principled Constitutionalism of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy Dr. David Nichols
Steve Block May 2012 Baylor University, Department of Political Science, Full-time Lecturer Rhetoric, Reason, and Belief: Aristotle and John Stuart Mill on Persuasion Dr. Mary Nichols
May 2012 St. Thomas University, St. John XXIII Chair in Catholic Studies & Assistant Professor, Fall 2014 Traces of Plato: Plato in and in
Response to the Political Thought of
Jacques Derrida
Dr. Mary Nichols
May 2012 Northeastern State
University, Tulsa Community College, Adjunct Instructor

Political Philosophy and the Divine Ground: Eric Voegelin on Plato
Dr. David Corey
Dec. 2011 Gardner-Webb College, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
Happiness and Modernity: The
Pursuit of Happiness and the
American Regime
Dr. Mary Nichols
Dec. 2011 University of Texas San Antonio (tenure track) The Supreme Court and American
Constitutionalism: Reassessing the
Institutional Role of Judicial Power in
the Constitutional System
Dr. David Nichols
May 2011 St. Vincent's College
(tenure track)
John Rawls and the Supreme Court:
A Study in Continuity and Change
Dr. David Nichols
May 2011 Lee University,
Assistant Professor
Balancing Liberty of Contract with
Police Power: A Hobbesian Approach
Dr. David Nichols
May 2010 Lakehead University (tenured) Family, Rights, and Community:
Aristotle, Locke, and the Supreme
Dr. Mary Nichols
May 2010 Milligan College,
Lecturer (part-time)
Autonomy and Church Opposition to
Authoritarianism in Latin America
Dr. Jerold Waltman
May 2010 West Florida University (tenure track) The Role of the Supreme Court in
Antitrust Enforcement
Dr. David Nichols
Dec. 2009 Baylor University,
Lecturer (full-time)
1980: Reagan, Carter, and the
Politics of Religion in America
Dr. Martin Medhurst