Future Plans for the

Washington Internship Program

The Washington Internship Program is supported by an active and energetic group of former students and friends of Baylor University. Many of our strongest supporters in the Washington, D.C. area are working diligently to improve internship opportunities and provide other types of support for student interns.

In my conversations with Baylor students each year, I am impressed by the depth of interest in performing an internship in our nation's capitol. For some of our students, however, the financial burdens of a five or six-week internship are simply too great. We have made progress in seeking out sources of financial support for our students, and the Mayborn Internship Program stands as the shining example. However, we simply cannot relieve the financial burden enough for some students to participate.

We would welcome your comments, suggestions, and, yes, even financial contributions to support student internships in Washington, D.C. If you have some interest in perhaps sponsoring a student during his or her internship experience, please contact me. I will be certain to respond quickly.

James A. Curry

Director, Washington Internship Program

Department of Political Science

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PHONE (254) 710-3549

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