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Baylor Alumni and Their Washington Internship Experience

"Internships are so important to employers these days. Many former interns, including myself, were hired based on their internship experience. I would encourage interns to take advantage of the work opportunities and all the touring possibilities. D.C. is filled with museums, and there are so many historic cities to explore within a few hours travel. You are only in D.C. a short time, make the most of it."  Meredith Berger

"Living and working in Washington, D.C. has given me a different perspective on politics and American government. I know first hand about a typical day in Washington, and I appreciate how hard members of Congress and their staff work. I also learned the importance of communication and aggressiveness on the job. There is no substitute for experience, and an internship gives a valuable taste of what a career in Washington is like."  Amy Blevins

"The Washington Internship Program was a great experience. I never got tired of being so close to so many important government leaders. It was really exhilarating to see a day's work appear on the next day's headlines."  Jonathan Clark

"My internship in Washington, D.C. was a step in the right direction for working in politics and in the non-profit sector. It allowed me to not only learn about the source of power in the United States government, but for the first time really be an effective part of legislative process."  Shelly Dill

"The Washington Internship experience was one of the most enjoyable and productive experiences I have had in college. It provided me with the opportunity to move beyond the classroom and learn in a real world situation, while exploring potential career options and building relationships that will last long beyond my time at Baylor."  Nico Leone

"My internship in the White House provided the opportunity to step out of the classroom and look through the window of our federal government. I caught a glimpse of the numerous social problems that exist in the United States and realized that I can make a difference in the lives of people through active citizenship."  Johannah Mayfield

Washington Internship_Andy Hanson"Having worked in the legislative branch, in corporate political consulting, in the not-for-profit sector and for the past eight years in the executive branch of the federal government, I can tell you that opportunities for internships are absolutely ubiquitous in Washington. What an internship represents, in essence, is a risk-free opportunity for a student to become completely immersed in a chosen field for a brief period of time. While many interns ultimately seek permanent positions with their 'host' organizations, virtually all interns emerge from the experience with a more strongly developed sense of personal and career objectives."  Andy Hanson

Washington Internship_Baylor Alumni and Their Experiences
Summer Washington Interns

"The Baylor in Washington Internship program perfectly compliments a Baylor political science or business degree. As many Baylor graduates with excellent jobs in the Washington, D.C. area will tell you, nothing helps secure that first job after college more than a credible, impressive internship in the nation's capitol, coupled with Baylor's strong academic stature. Virtually every Baylor student who interns in Washington returns to the city of "limitless job opportunities" upon graduation drawn by a network of friends and mentors to help them professionally in the years to come.

Whether you are preparing floor speeches for a Senator, helping organize your first press conference for the national media, or simply celebrating the magnificent 4th of July fireworks from the lawn of the White House, Washington, D.C. is the greatest summer adventure of all!

After just two weeks of interning for Fleishman Hillard Public Relations Firm, I met a Baylor alumnus at the Baylor Washington Internship reception who introduced me to the fast paced, globe-trotting world of the White House Presidential Advance Team. Just one month after graduation, I earned a job working for President George Bush and his Press Secretary, Marlin Fitzwater, during the 1992 Presidential Election, and flew all over the country on the White House press plane and on occasion, Air Force One.

Whether you are planning a career in politics, lobbying or simply big business, you should take advantage of all that Washington in the summer offers you a tremendous networking and educational experience in our nation's capitol."  Anna Matz

"Although there were so many great things about my internship, the best was knowing what it would be like to work in a professional legal environment without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars and three years in law school to find out."  Peyton Millinor

"Working in Washington, D.C. is the ultimate political science education. It builds immeasurably on textbook knowledge, offering a realistic picture of how the three branches of government work and sometimes do not work. It is especially enlightening to observe the way in which myriad interest group pressure the power structure, a phenomenon that is particularly difficult to grasp without firsthand experience.

At the Baptist Joint Committee, where we monitor church-state relations and work to educate government officials and Americans generally, each day presents opportunities to clarify a much misunderstood area of the law.

I am especially grateful to the Department of Political Science at Baylor University for having encouraged me to consider a Washington internship. The faculty both prepared me for the experience and helped me "debrief" when I returned. The whole process was one of the most valuable experiences I had through Baylor. The internship experience led ultimately to my employment at the Baptist Joint Committee."  Melissa Rogers

Washington Internship_Race for the Cure
"Race for the Cure" Pennsylvania
Avenue, Washington, D.C.