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Mayborn Interns and Their Washington Internship Experience

"The Mayborn Scholarship really made living in the D.C. area possible. It was a big help in cutting the costs that accumulate when you are volunteering full-time."  Jonathan Clark

"The Mayborn Scholarship enabled me to experience the political, social, and educational training for a career in politics and the non-profit sector that only Washington, D.C. can offer to students."  Shelly Dill

Washington Internship_Interns and Their Experience
Summer Washington Interns

"The Baylor Washington Internship Program was an experience that was immensely beneficial to me. I interned for Susan B. Anthony's List, Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), and Students For Life of America. Many of the people that I worked with were passionate in their convictions and from all over the country. I also met politicians that I have been keeping up with my whole life. My future goals and plans became clearer as I made connections that will serve me well in the next couple of years. The experience was surreal at times; I lived and worked in a city where the happenings directed national news each day."  Rachana Chhin

"During the Washington, D.C. internship, I had the amazing opportunity to see politics up-close and personal -- that's an unforgettable experience you can't take away from a textbook or class. It's also a foot in the door, as well as a great step towards networking."  Ashley Miller

"The Washington DC internship program offers a world of opportunity to Baylor undergraduates. Working in the district allows students who are interested in media, politics or lobbying to experience the vigor and excitement of American politics. My internship gave me a first hand look at how bureaucracy works, how political news is gathered and produced, and finally how the private sector works to influence legislation. Because of my job this past summer, I secured an internship for next year. Simply put, do it!"  Kate Williams

"Washington D.C. was an enriching experience that allowed me to develop a greater appreciation for our unique democratic system of government. I recommend interning in D.C. if one seeks growth or to gain a broader awareness of the world around us. Washington D.C. is rich in diversity and history -- a great place to vacate during the summer!"  Janice Tolbert