Suggested Schedule for Washington Interns

Fall Semester prior to Summer Internship

1. Visit the Program Director and look through various internship offerings to help narrow your focus.

2. Attend an information session to be scheduled during the semester.

3. Update your resume.

4. Write to your choice of agencies and offices to obtain internship applications.

Spring Semester

1. Complete and mail applications along with updated resume.

2. Complete housing applications.

3. Apply for Mayborn Scholarship, if eligible.

4. Attend Washington Internship Orientation sessions at Baylor in April.

The Summer Internship

1. Attend the Poage/Mayborn Seminar in Washington, D.C. The seminar lasts two days and is mandatory for all persons receiving credit for the internship. Meetings are held on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in the Washington, D.C. area. Dates for the Poage/Mayborn Seminar vary each year and are set in late spring.

2. Maintain a daily journal of your activities while on the job.

3. At the end of the internship, submit your required paper to the director.

Washington Internship_Curry and Edwards
Dr. James Curry presents a plaque
to Representative Chet Edwards