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Overview of Program
Overview of The
Public Service Internship Program
The Public Service Internship Program provides undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) with opportunities for hands-on experiences in government and non-profits spring, summer and fall. It seeks to enhance students' professional growth and knowledge of their chosen career paths while instilling the values of civic engagement, volunteerism, and leadership. It is hoped that student interns will benefit from the learning experiences and the agency from the services of the interns. Student interns will earn three hours of academic credit (in the form of a letter grade) for successfully completing internship requirements.

Expectations of Student Interns:
- Perform 100 clock-hours of internship during internship period
- Observe agency policies and procedures, dress code, and other requirements
- Perform agency task conscientiously and consider it as a learning experience and an opportunity for professional and emotional growth
- Behave as young professionals at all times
- Register for Internship class (PSC 3382, MW 12:20 - 1:10)
- Fulfill classroom requirements (i.e., learning objectives, internship profile, and final report)

Student Registration Process
Student must receive instructor permission to register for the internship class. A permit to register will be issued after the student's application has been processed.

Expectations of Internship Agency/Organization
Student interns will receive supervision and meaningful learning opportunities. Of course, the amount of supervision and type of learning experiences will vary from internship to internship and is largely at agency's discretion. However, we do ask that interns are provided a general overview of agency goals and objectives and opportunities to observe and (where appropriate) participate in relevant organizational activities.

Internship activities may range from general office/agency duties, running errands, research and report writing to shadowing, courtroom/client observations, attending meetings/conferences or other specific duties and responsibilities.

Student interns should be permitted to schedule internship work hours around their class schedules (if applicable).

At the conclusion of the internship, intern supervisor will be asked to complete a brief (1 page) evaluation of student intern.

Contact Information
Joseph S. Brown, Internship Coordinator
Department of Political Science
Office: 307 Burleson; Phone: (254)710-6046;