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Global Issues and Institutions Courses

Nine hours from Global Issues and Institutions (Political and Development Issues, Economics, Belief Systems):

1. Political and Development Issues
     ANT 1310 Cultural Geography
     ANT 2305 Cultural Anthropology in a Global Context
     ANT 3320 Environment and Human Behavior
     ANT 3350 Native North Americans
     ANT 4305 Anthropological Theory
     ANT 4306 Economic Anthropology
     ANT 4320 Culture, Personality and Identity
     ANT 4325 Medical Anthropology
     ANT 4350 Development and Indigenous People
     ANT 4351 Futuristics
     ANT 4352 Housing and Society
     ANT 4680 Field School in Cultural Anthropology
     ENV 4310 World Food Problems
     GEOG 1300 World Geography
     GEO 4312 Oceanography
     JOU 3387 International Communication
     PSC 3301 Scope and Methods of Political Science
     PSC 3304 Comparative Politics
     PSC 3314 Politics and Problems of Developing Countries
     PSC 3320 Minority and Ethnic Group Politics
     PSC 3324 World Political Systems
     PSC 3325 Ethnopolitical Conflicts
     PSC 3375 Model United Nations
     PSC 4305 International Law
     PSC 4315 Political Geography
     PSC 4365 International Political Economics
     PSC 4375 International Organization
     PSC 4385 Diplomacy in Theory and Practice
     SOC 3318 Mexican–Americans in U.S. Society
2. Economics
     INB 3305 Global Business
     BUS 3310 Multinational Business (Summer in Europe)
     ECO 4321 Energy Economics
     ECO 4334 Economic Development
     ECO 4338 Economic Systems of the World
     ECO 4343 History of Economic Thought
     FIN 4331 International Business Finance
     MKT 4325 International Marketing
3. Belief Systems
     ANT 4360 Anthropology of Religion
     CHS 3339 Law and Religion in the United States
     CHS 4360 Religion and the Body Politic
     CHS 4367 The Jewish Experience and U.S. Church-State Relations
     HIS 3395 Historiography and Philosophy of History
     PHI 3305 British Philosophy & Culture
     PHI 3312 History of Philosophy: Modern European Philosophy
     PHI 4340 East Asian Philosophy
     PHI 4341 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
     PSC 3363 Western Political Thought: Classical and Medieval
     PSC 3373 Western Political Thought: Modern
     PSC 4355 Power, Morality, and International Relations
     PSC 4379 Islam and Democracy
     PSC 4383 Contemporary Political Thought
     REL 3345 World Religions
     REL 3394 War and Peace in Christian Tradition
     REL 4331 History of Roman Catholicism
     REL 4333 History of Protestantism
     REL 4340 Christian Missions