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Pre-Law Track for Political Science Majors

The pre-law track of the political science major distributes its required 30 semester hours in the following way:

I.                   Political Science Required Courses                                    (6 hours)

PSC 1305 American National Government

PSC 2302 American Constitutional Development

II.                Political Science Distribution Requirements:                        (6 hours)

At least one "3000" or "4000" level course from

two or more of the following subfields:

     American Politics

     Comparative Politics

     International Relations

     Political Theory and Methodology

     Public Policy and Administration

III.      Core Courses for the Pre-Law Track                                   (9 hours)

           Choose at least 3 courses from among the following:

                PSC 3302 Criminal Justice and Community Law Enforcement

                PSC 3321 Criminal Law

                PSC 3339 Law and Religion in the United States

                PSC 4342 Public Policy and the Courts

                PSC 4305 International Law

                PSC 4307 Environmental Law

                PSC 4361 American Constitutional Law I

                PSC 4381 American Constitutional Law II

IV.      Pre-Law Experience

           Choose at least 1 course from among the following:               (3 hours)

                PSC 3311 Moot Court

                PSC 3372 Law, Justice, and Community

                PSC 3375 Model United Nations

                PSC 4389 Advanced Model Organization of American States

V.             An additional six semester hours of political science at any

          level to add up to 30 semester hours for the major.                 (6 hours)

             Students who elect this track should consider taking PHI 1306, “Logic,” as one of
             their social science requirements.