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Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty
Faculty_Allman Dwight Allman
Associate Professor of Political Science
Interests: History of political philosophy, including ancient and medieval, modern, and contemporary traditions
Office: Burleson 306
Phone: (254) 710-6062
Faculty_Burns Timothy Burns
Professor of Political Science
Interests: ancient, modern, and contemporary political philosophy; politics and literature; Shakespeare's political thought; the thought of Leo Strauss
Office: Draper 209C
Phone: 254.710.6237
Faculty_Clinton W. David Clinton
Professor of Political Science
Chair of the Department of Political Science
Interests: International relations theory; American foreign policy; diplomacy; and ethics and international relations
Office: Burleson 308
Phone: (254) 710-1879
On leave 2009-2010
Faculty_D.Corey David Corey
Associate Professor of Political Science
Interests: Greek political thought; ethics of war; and questions of method in political philosophy
Office: Old Main 307
Phone: (254) 710-7416
Faculty_E.Corey Elizabeth Corey
Assistant Professor of Political Science in the Honors Program
Interests: Contemporary political philosophy; American constitutional law; and medieval art and politics
Office: Morrison 307
Phone: (254) 710-1664
Faculty_Curry James Curry
Professor of Political Science
Director of Washington Internship Program
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Interests: Public administration; criminal justice; and law and public policy
Office: Burleson 312.2
Phone: (254) 710-3549
Faculty_Flavin Patrick Flavin
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Interests: Political inequality, government representation of public opinion, political behavior, research methods
Office: Burleson 305
Phone: (254) 710-7418
Faculty_Hinojosa Victor Hinojosa
Associate Professor in the Honors College and of Political Science
Interests: Latin America; Mexico; U.S. and Latin American relations; and U.S. Drug (narcotic) policies
Office: Alexander Hall 110
Phone: (254) 710-6045
Faculty_Medhurst Martin Medhurst
Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Communication
Professor of Political Science
Interests: Rhetorical theory and criticism, presidential rhetoric, civil-religious discourse
Office: Marrs McLean 213
Phone: (254) 710-7840
Faculty_C. Nichols Curt Nichols
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Interests: American political institutions, political and constitutional development, politics and the military
Office: Burleson 303
Phone: (254) 710-6094
Faculty_D.Nichols David Nichols
Associate Professor of Political Science
Graduate Program Director
Interests: Constitutional law; presidency; separation of powers theory; politics and film; and politics and literature
Office: Burleson 301B
Phone: (254) 710-3551
Faculty - Mary P. Nichols Mary P. Nichols
Professor of Political Science
Associate Graduate Program Director
Interests: Greek political theory; politics and literature; and politics and film

Office: Burleson Hall 300
Phone: 254.710.6208
Faculty_Waltman Jerold Waltman
Professor of Political Science
Interests: Tax policy; minimum wage policy; and American and comparative constitutional law
Office: Draper 312.3
Phone: (254) 710-6044