For admission to the department’s graduate programs, an applicant must present: 

1. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university either in political science or a field relevant to applicant’s program of study

2. An overall GPA and a Graduate Record General Test  examination score predictive of success in the program

3. Three letters of recommendation, preferably from teachers or those who know your academic work. 

4. A “statement of purpose,” describing your major areas of intellectual interest and explaining how the degree sought facilitates the applicant’s academic and professional goals (1-2 pages)

5. A writing sample (e.g., an undergraduate paper of 10-12 pages)

6. Expressed areas of academic/research interests compatible with those of the faculty  

Admission and financial aid for our PhD program are very competitive. Average GRE scores of all the doctoral students are 97 percentile. 

Decisions about admissions and financial aid will, in each case, be based on evaluation of these materials as a whole. 

Application Procedures:

Applicants wishing to be considered for financial awards for the upcoming Fall 2014 year must do so by December 20; Spring 2014 applicants must apply by October 1 and will be admitted on a space-available basis and without funding.

Applicants must have issuing institutions send all transcripts and standardized test scores to the Graduate School.

Applicants must pay an admission fee to the Graduate School.

Applicants must have three letters of recommendation sent to the Graduate School.

Applicants must send the writing sample and statement of purpose to