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The Piper Center for Family Studies and Child Development believes that each child is unique and learns best through play and exploration of a variety of materials and environments. Piper serves as an exemplary learning environment for students of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences as well as other Baylor University students requiring observation and experiences for their course work.

Piper is dedicated to providing model developmental care for each child in a stimulating, secure and caring learning environment. We seek to create the richness and diversity of experience that will take the children along new paths, deepen their understanding and their skills, and give added complexity to the talents and personal qualities they bring to us.

Our philosophy is soundly based in child development and educational theory including the work of Piaget, Vygotsky, Erickson, Dewey, and Reggio Emilia, Italy. The staff provides innovative and a creative model of early childhood education.

Children of all abilities, from infants through preschoolers, are welcome to play, explore, and expand their repertoire of skills. An environment that fosters all aspects of development through comprehensive and multi-disciplinary activities will enhance a child's opportunities for learning.

Piper Child Development Center
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